Friday, February 5, 2010

Women in Love nine precepts

1, input too fast

When you first met with him later, do not expect to spend every weekend with him, or adhere to advise him to re-arrangement of his home, do not hurry, you do not yet married!

  Second, identify the other early

Want to break up with her boyfriend, the quickest way is to tell him you love him, you have to provide him with a child, he was mostly spared from the reaction without a trace.

  Third, self-deception

Are you a clear knowledge of his motives behind the performance of each one? He is very plain and your attitude? Whether he was dating at the same time with other girls? Do you only contact once a week, while you may be entrusted to a lifetime and passed his target? Or you thought he was addicted to gambling, such as life, violent temper are not any serious problems.

 4, dressed exaggerated

You should show confidence, decent and generous, and appeal is not to show off too much sexy, men believe that the attractiveness of natural than the artificial processing of the face much better.

  5, talking too much

Do not think you have to constantly continue to talk, silence is golden, even if you are eager to understand each other, but also do not need an appointment at the most a few years this will be very familiar experience of a lifetime as tells, silence is often the women's charm 1.

  6, the money too much attention to his

If you have ordered a lobster dinner, and tell him your favorite gift is the diamond, then enjoy eating it on the Dayton bar, you will no longer see him, no matter how wealthy a man, it would not like people to tell him how to spend, or spend money on who's shoulders, men like the knowledgeable woman, rather than those bent on finding a lifetime meal ticket people.

  7, premature to invite him to go home

Unless you feel that he is inviting you into his life, do not invite him to go home. Some men think that the invitation to go home, that is to invite him to go to bed, so wait for some time until after you have a better understanding, it will not produce a similar embarrassing situation.

  8, and other intimate too fast

If you first met him when they went to bed, then he would think the number of a man intimate with you too? Therefore, this intimate performance tends to scare each other, the initial understanding of the most appropriate to do a candid chat with a stroll in the next month, these will become a solid emotional foundation.

  9, is too hard to please each other

Do you think for him the laundry, cooking and housework, he will be more like you? I request you to carefully think about it, if you knowingly sell his cloth to wipe your feet, he would not set foot on a foot polite

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