Friday, February 5, 2010

Sexy and charming woman twist

In one called "Lane wrote," The human body exhausted the possibility of formal beauty of the solar system. More beautiful curves, Olive, and repeated the parabola. Suxiong woman - love of ivory crown - from the oval and parabola obtained its exquisite formal beauty. Overall, the front face and body is attractive, but the back is nasty. senses, study the eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and tactile organs, all located on the front . " At the same time in this book, not without prejudice to say "there is Venus chest and she begins to control, while the hip placed in Saturn's evil influence, and is disgusted with the place, so when a person would like to express contempt for another person, almost the most common way is to invite him to kiss his buttocks. "

This argument has now been broken, probably because the hip is more sexy place, perhaps there has been little in the back of the second face is a woman's understanding is different from the traditional way of. Therefore, when the autumn to the time when people can not Suxiong against women and hidden charm and she begins to re-create the illusion of time, the girls are not heavily made the Body is no longer the number of style and flair with the expression of time, it was discovered that a woman The Dongrenzhichu, perhaps because she twist of the hips.

Women's twist is that women's hips twist, because women are now more of a high branch to borrow from the fulcrum, with the help elevate the role of high heels of women's buttocks, making upturned buttocks become a image, so in the man's eyes, the chest is easily generated by the need for aesthetics, while the twist of the hip women's desire to put the kind of sexy, in the wriggling in the atmosphere exudes sexy.

Games in the face of women doing aerobics in the image, almost the most greedy eyes of men can not stare at women's breasts tightly, so make a woman disturbed by any man will be uncomfortable, a woman's breasts are even more maternal breath, but also the need for positive face, while the women's hips and she brought leisurely twist style, letting the men in a woman unaware of the time, full of Yi Yin's imagination. Think of a woman's flexibility and women's style is graceful and dynamic come from, of course not have learned from the front. When faced with thousands of beautiful women, your line of sight will be the first to be attracted to the tall woman's "The Cup of Life" on. However, there are many women of her style can not be manifested in her Xiongru out.

Women who are genuinely moved by the walk and women, slim and graceful woman's image, where the penetration of the style and charm shed almost all aspire to the impossible for a woman with hips twisting elected. While those which have Luyin Pi or in the female body appears in front unconscious Zidu men and women are mostly associated with the twist.

In fact, for the role of women in the hip can best embody the flirting in this sense is that China's three-inch golden lotus, its practical effect is either to walk through this restrained, so that a woman's genitals have been tempered, and thus can improve the sexual intercourse pleasure; second, a woman can not be immersed in the provocative men's when women's Buttocks achieved the role of the Xiong Ru is not less than women.

Fashion model now has done fashion shows, and now almost to the era of naked, without bra breasts conceal is not adapted to all women, because different Xiongru the shape and flexibility, as well as the status of pectoralis major developmental How will directly affect the breast shape, imagine when the breasts become the breasts of Venus is not in the traditional when, perhaps a way can be done by Beautiful, but when the breast is no longer a full, well-proportioned, tall and straight, added moisture, women's sexuality will be lost. Of course, breast puberty or in adolescence, it's charm and captivating realm, but also by a woman no matter how twisted can not match. The best way to party a living creature in front of you when she's angry and vitality must be female in the background through the most dramatic of the hip shaking, but to call on the role of male sexual awareness . Said a woman in Greece, where a frail woman, and a plump woman can not be comparable to the Greeks for the worship of the human body is naked Tan was extreme. The famous "Venus Nice Bottom" is in accordance with the then two sisters look like shape, which two sisters because of their charm is famous throughout Greece buttocks. We are talking about "has not translated to say Venus", the talking is the beautiful buttocks.

In the ancient Romans, where the hip is the object of praise, or even an object of worship, hip beauty can not be what is evil things. Because a woman's Buttocks for the provocative and the role of a sexy, is the other parts can not be achieved, because the human hip than any other of any animal to be large and flexible, in fact, those where bestiality tendencies, his embodied in the buttocks of sexual stimulation for the animals, and obtained almost the same feeling of sexual pleasure. But also from the aesthetic point of view, when the back with a vastly different style, the women's buttocks is almost always a sensational role, and the wonderful mix of women, back and buttocks are a pair of the best running mate, while the dancing and walking of women, put the back of this style of women who cited Xinjing deductive shaking, but in most women there, they must also feel out of wearing or not wearing high-heeled shoes for women, the impact of the buttocks is not the same, And when, after the hip elevation, there would be a strange impulse to start stored in the body, but the only way to release, it is when the woman and the beloved man having sex, she can not even take off their high heels. In addition, from a purely sexual point of view, raise the hips also makes women's genitals can become a more prominent position before the doorway, so that the hidden form of female genital desire to enter into a state, combined with walking back and hip rhythmic swing, put a silent expression of sexual call out.

Often we have seen on the market to see these kind of belong to a write-in memory, does not belong to vibrate the breast but the twist in the atmosphere.

Perhaps the hip and breast Lenovo Lenovo differences are also linked both breasts may be more than the aesthetic value of the buttocks, while the buttocks by the associations to people, and copulation is the most direct, in this rich area, it is and reproductive Contact The closest one area, and the women's buttocks expression of sexual signals, but also means that most breeds, and the past ", heavily female, hypertrophy of the buttocks of an ancient ancestors waited property harvest, rich peace of a flourishing population," a symbol of The modern dance can directly act on the part of the human body and get exaggerated, still lies in women's buttocks and female physical coordination and rhythm.

The so-called sexy information, the so-called sexy commotion about hip twist and women have the most direct link, but now on sexual harassment, sexual advances and sexual expectations of a strong sense of expression, the most intelligent and the most value exploratory way, that is from the contact, touching a woman's hips begin to convey and receive information, readily agreed to the woman, the woman's worth of exhibition style and charm, and then bathing in love with you

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