Friday, February 5, 2010

70 classic male-female relationships Comedy "Analects of Confucius"

Forums often very interesting to see if many of them classics of the wonderful words, it is help laughing while they ponder a long time. Are recorded on the 70 men and womenThe "Analects of Confucius", we were taste ......

1, sitting on milk big name for itself, enjoy the mistress treatment.
2, no money, no power, no longer on the Hi point, you tell me?
3, to sweep the floor, I absolutely do not Shuawan, if I have absolutely no sweeping Shuawan, both work together? You when I was an alien ah!
4, no appetite, I could not even see you, and also to talk about sex?
5, a woman must own a bit better. Once worn out, on the other woman to spend your money, live in your room, sleep in your husband, but also beat your children.
6, even if I was a toad, I would never marry his mother toad.
7, I love you! None of your what?
8, next life I can still see you, because apart from me, you are the most silly.
9, quarrel, when the difference between men and women such as the difference between rifles and machine guns.
10, men fantasies with me, and I imagined heaven.
11, when the dizziness when I finally understood what it meant to love。
12, women have numerous QQ numbers just to take liberties with a man, a man used a QQ number above to fill a variety of women ... ...
13, I heard that a woman such as clothing, brothers as brothers. In retrospect, I actually busy divvying up the streaking for 20 years.
14, What should I die for your love ... the whole ...
15, the reason why angels can fly because they are themselves very lightly ... ...
16, I would like puppy love, but it is late ... ...
17, in line with China this yearFamily planning work successfully completed, I decided not to contact with the opposite sex friends, thank you co-operation.
18, something happens secretary dry, nothing to do for the Secretary.
19, good woman is a school, so I have to go to school.
20, embrace is really a strange thing, obviously depend on so close, but not see each other's face.
21, I do not know who bed-law, my wife do not know who's bed.
22, when you wear the wedding of love, I donned a monk's cassock ... ...
23, housing prices higher and higher, so fewer and fewer good men ... ...
24, men are two, one is lust, is an extremely lecherous; a woman can be divided into two kinds, one is pretending to be pure, one is pretending to be not pure.
25, although flowers Lord, I'll loosely soil.
26, the wealthy man, no money to guy is difficult.
27, came between the situation exactly? Sage answer is: "waste."
28, I can not give you happiness, But can give you comfort.
29, Keguan please self-respect, a small woman, not only the prostitute entertainer.
30, in bed, practice is the only martial arts standards.
31, you give me a love, I have you one-night stand.
32, Shi Tai! You are from the Laona bar!
33, a man lies he could deceive a woman one night, a woman lies a man's life can be deceiving!
34, mandarin ducks playing in the water, all his mother drowned; fly together, are his mother fall to their deaths.
35, my wife asked me to a third party!
36, like it is a touch of love; love is deep love.
37, if you can not give you a woman to wear the wedding dress, you should never stop you untie the hands of her buttoned!
38, I do not like only a woman on a bed many times, but love and a lot of women is only the last bed.
39, I am ugly, but I am persistent!
40, the rich get married.
41, in the event he was always Zuohuaibuluan before temptation; in the absence of use of torture before he was always faithful and unyielding!
42, killed in I do not say that you do not make honey trap!
43, ah! I called her name in a dream? Certainly nightmares of!
44, one mountain can not allow two tigers, unless a public and a mother.
45, midnight time off the assembly line, or else it will change back to the Princess Cinderella.
46, men, upper body is a self-cultivation, lower body is the essence; woman, upper body is the bait, lower body is a trap.
47, undress and I was beasts put on clothes I was Yiguanqinshou!
48, jealously guarding its availability, people can only be a waste; many queens, people know how to frugality. But I am now, but in all day to waste in the yearning for frugality.
49, there is a very old legend, saying that at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications on campus can see the beautyPeople will live forever ... ...
50, Love is made out of!
51, as a friend Liangleichadao, in order to plug a friend twice in a woman.
52, ugly girl, I generally do not Lut her, but you is an exception.
53, climbed the wall and so on Apricot.
54, to spend more away from the bed closer.
55, Nai Heqiao are sold on the old lady on the Pepsi, how can you teach me forget you?
56, to participate in beauty contests for those women, can not find a good man, because good men are married, like me.
57, I do not want to marry but to marry my wife and my wife.
58, Rose really cheap, can send his wife had.
59, I would rather you holding another woman like me, do not want you holding me like other women.
60, not afraid of beauty to me as a satyr, afraid of ugly to me as a rogue.
61, Love is a Fan Jian, but also time and time again Fanjian. When you do not Fanjian, and a woman to make money!
62, you still let me kneel down washboard it, kneeling electric heating really can not stand ah.
63, I would not meet online friends unless the country changes monogamy.
64, my friend's cell phone in his girlfriend's name is "he" Later, they split up, they become "it" ... ...
65, contraceptive effect: not successful, then adults.
66, men rely on housing, sows can be a tree.
67, give me a woman, I can create a nation.
68, if I Niu, early fall in love with me ... ...
69, in Egypt, a man can marry four wives, it is much Leia, or China will be good.
70, Spring beauties lock in limitless, I am lure affair, come.

More "Analects of Confucius" 70, "see my eyes, smile, I Huazhiluanchan", and think really should be the sentence: "It easily; live, easy; life is not easy."

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