Friday, February 5, 2010

Husband, I am not your free prostitutes

I do not know how the modern man, and forgotten love Mody? Yesterday, a man told me that women marry men are in fact similar with the mistresses, but no particular sub-mistresses, wife have a marriage certificate protected by law. I argue that women also work to make money to go home for the elderly and children 2 busy. In fact, any connection with the man I say from now on the economic situation of families looking to make money, but a woman is a kind of hobbies. Because most families or by men assumed the burden for the room to support their families ... ...

It sounds as if we women rely on men to rely on a man stand to become ignoble, K, What kind of logic? !

Today I saw a reposted elsewhere: his wife, in fact, you are just free of prostitutes. Man Lane said, "there is no distinction between his wife and prostitutes, the prostitutes and his wife are women, and men will have sex with their bodies, only prostitutes for the money, while the wife is to help men, continuing the family line." I was very surprised to say this view will who are not psychopathic men is the lack of caring woman.

On the sex organs, no one can be divorced from its essence. Is it just from this point of speaking, the rush to conclude that "a wife is much better than lovers and prostitutes cheap"? Is marriage is the body and the physical interaction between the Bo do? Is addition to vent without the mutual spiritual comfort to do? Do men do not want a woman as water, tenderness do? Is a woman does not want a man stalwart arm Bay do? I do not understand how such an absurdity, and relish the streets in the network, such as flooding in the four Smirnov?

As everybody knows, sex, the basic is a man in a dominant position.

If someone insisted that a woman is a man of free prostitutes, then can I believe that man is a woman's lifetime sex slaves?
If so, then why require that marriage does? Have been not very good so go on living together? What to a child, but also serve what the old ones? Under no obligation to give the clients of prostitutes seem to have children, while the sex slaves toiling in addition to the evening set an example to support their families and also pay for the room? Would not the man is not a big loss? ! Do all of them have to go to marriage registries Ji Houhou Ben ah? This is not sick Mody? !

This is the essence of marriage Mody? Distorted the bar!

"Why modern women have changed the cheap? Why modern women do not want to get married? Why modern women prefer with others are unwilling to do when the lover's wife. You look at those men, travel with the lover, not a wife; wine field with the lover, not a wife; friends to sing with a lover, not a wife; love flowers, then send the lover, not a wife. "

What is really eye to see what kind of world Mody? My eyes to the world why it is so beautiful. I see women are eager to love, desire a happy marriage, eager to have bald to the old marriage. Take a handful of reluctant to do so is only willing to do Valentine's wife, to prove that the modern examples of people's love, I do not think of any convincing. Do you know Valentine's is money in the end between the right color or transactions? Do you know how many little love to the last is not all of them have cried to refuse to positive?

Therefore, I believe the vast majority of women treated marriage as I do the traditional and serious. For those in business and officialdom's ugly so what? Real backbone of the women would go and another woman to share a man? At least I will not. But also in China, the Valentine's Day, not Valentine's patent. Many men and women in love, marriage of the couple, not the usual live this happy day?

I remember arguing with my husband when I jumped out a very powerful one: do not think you earn a year four or 50000 I'll rare you! I tell you, without feelings, I will not see you more than a second! I am with you, because I love you!

Is a husband, I will not be your free prostitutes. I did not pay to earn you more, so I did not hesitate to put your earned money to spend on themselves. I'll own to dress the United States and the United States, and walking in the street like a flower. We will not only boast flower to the United States, and often boast you have this piece of fertile black earth, ha ha ~

Is a husband, I will not be your free prostitutes. Every time you make love to me before if you do not play I will look at you weird expression until you are ashamed to make up for it "class." Sex is not a person's enjoyment I think you know, I know you like most around me let me lean on you a solid chest, Dia Dia crying you: husband kind of you.

Is a husband, I will not be your free prostitutes. Would certainly be a fight when I speak up, but every time you come to coax me. Of course, I am also a good coax woman.

Is a husband, I will not be your free prostitutes. Because I would also like to cook for you to do your cooking, your nanny to do laundry for you, but also to be your close nursing care you take care of you forces you to take medicine, and Tim clothes.

Yes, her husband, because I love love you

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