Friday, February 5, 2010

Underwear, a woman love another

To be a multi-faceted woman lace

What better than the lace to express a woman's feelings?

Store a variety of colors of all brands of various styles of lace underwear a woman is sufficient to constitute the city's imagination: With regard to the body's imagination, on the emotional imagination, and on the imagination imagination. Exquisite lace, just right of the arc, as if recorded in the dream woman prime of life and beauty; fashion colors, as the passionate enthusiasm of the summer, becoming more modern more sexy and more personalized - a woman can be most vividly express their inner all affair. Another woman underwear like love: twists and turns, hazy, mysterious, crazy, Yushuohuanxiu. A woman change the color underwear modeling process, and that she release to express their feelings, or course.

There is such a couple, because marriage is too flat, his wife, the husband is getting confused indifference to her and very sad. Then one of her girlfriends for her advice and suggestions, the girlfriend suggested that she bought a pink sling-yan lace underwear, his girlfriend seems quite a study of a variety of underwear, of course, pointing to her Jiangshan, telling her lace is a kind of wonderful thing, it vividly expresses a woman's sexy, personality, fashion, elegant, a woman's patents, is also a man of the cloth can never be touched. For this reason, a kind of inextricably lace underwear for men of mystery, but as a woman from time to time Otherwise create a little mystery of the body, with a view to arouse the dream through underwear between husband and wife kind of a long absence, the beauty of passion.

As a result, a woman and her girlfriend each picked two Shenqingkuankuan underwear. Unfortunately, the husband who is cold to live up to the woman of his enduring infatuation. Non-US underwear is not really her husband had empathy, the object is the girlfriend who had style. His girlfriend's underwear on a man who is a real temptation, but his wife's underwear but they have also bring out the woman's helplessness and loneliness of ruthless men. It seems, then tenderness and then re-dream sexy underwear but that is only an ornament, heart away, and the only underwear underwear only, is a beautiful piece of goods. The so-called lover's eyes out of beauty is a sentient first, and ruthless beauty have changed even when the facilities of the East.

Underwear is a woman not so much a kind of tenderness, but rather that it is a favorite of women of their own, this love is a woman to own. In appreciation, buying, wearing a series of process, a woman full of expectations of their own, full of pity, there is a little bit of narcissism in this endeavor. Compared with the outer clothing, underwear is a more purely clothes to wear for yourself, so, pay attention to women's underwear is more care must own, full of expectation of life and reality and fantasy. Even if the reality makes a woman more than a disappointment, favorite underwear at least a little pleased with her, because of the unique woman underwear affair.

Woman in underwear emotions, is essentially a secret pleasure, with what a woman does not do emotion poured effort? So, smart woman would do a sexy, modern, elegant, classic, sweet, "multi-faceted lace woman" bar.

  Men good "color" view of underwear

According to the analysis of psychologists, ladies from the boyfriend, his favorite color to wear underwear, watching his attitudes.

  To stimulate the pursuit of the red underwear

He loved the color of the underwear, said he loved sensual stimulation, in the selective partner, it is usually prefer to plump type, that will bring about such a provocative posture, he likes new and exciting sex, and very care about each other's sexual response, in addition to meet their own and I hope to meet each other.

  Romantic love black underwear

Black men underwear preferences, often revel in sexual fantasy, the black represents a romantic mystery. Black underwear, there is a compelling high-minded, sexy, and noble wonderful unity. Will make the black color is full of light and shadow on the charm. His physical demands do not need too much, but like to indulge in sexual fantasies.

  White underwear with conservative values

White underwear, emerging youth and clear, is clean, telling a tale of colors. If he likes you to wear white underwear, said he has a strong enrichment of a few for you, like have certain type of collectibles in general, more conservative sexual attitudes. He looks pure love of the girl, got a little older and a bit of tendency, whether in spirit, as well as physical requirements, was like that. Whether you wear any clothes, as long as white, do not be too sexy, he can also rise to the impulse.

  Yellow underwear moves with

If he loved yellow underwear, and love the red underwear sexual attitudes are very similar. In sexual behavior, all are very eager sensual pleasure, but like the yellow underwear, you do not pay attention to whether the fullness of the other type. As long as an access to the female body, or see the yellow underwear, it may cause sexual arousal, but does not mean he is erotic.
  She loved her underwear Jiusong Bar

Indeed, for men, women underwear may be sent to one of the best gifts. In fact, the man gives a woman to buy underwear, has long been commonplace. But the men selling women's underwear, is indeed a novelty. Shanghai Huaihai Road has a "female department store" chain stores. Where the ladies lingerie counter, the first time appeared a man went so far as a salesperson. In addition to the idea of new accidents, kinda and considerate person.

Stepped into fashion today, women like men, also men's underwear set forth requirements. In their view, the man with the charm of the exquisite to the performance through the modification of stress, such stress is not limited to the choice of outerwear, underwear and outerwear for the perfect mix of real refinement. They can not imagine a quiet demeanor of attractive men and ignore his underwear, just as men can not stand under the beautiful beautiful clothes even wearing the same underwear poor quality aliasing. As a result, virtuous wife for her husband used to buy underwear. Even unmarried girls, will be on Valentine's Day Valentine's sent to their own set of high-quality brand-name underwear, so that a man's masculine and feminine underwear, including the details of expression.

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