Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Women can not ignore the six health knowledge

For each woman, the health is the first element of life, only to have a healthy body, in order to create the bright sky belongs to women. The following is the world's scientists on the women's health in recent years, the latest research results.

  Women's short-lived every day to eat eggs

In many people's daily life, eggs are indispensable food. However, Japanese experts 10 years of research found that, for many women, eat eggs, but detrimental to health and may even lead to fatal risks. Because high cholesterol content in egg yolk, bad for your health, eat more than one egg per day than women who ate one or two eggs a week of female short-lived.

  Childbearing women live longer

Are relatively older women who have children before, muscles, bones, or nervous system will thus benefit. These women not only delayed the arrival of menopause, suffering from reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease, but also live longer. Of course, there are many doctors that older mothers produce a matter of fact there are great risks.

  Women more vulnerable to headaches

Women more likely than men suffer from headaches.

In the past nine years, from King's College London, a research team investigated 253 cases of normal cases and found that 6.4% of cases are female headache, headache cases of men and 2.5%, which means that women suffering from a headache The probability is about three times more men. Typically, the headache causes include stress, incorrect posture, bright sunlight, as well as food such as cheese and wine.

  Eat too much dairy products may induce ovarian cancer

Women eat too much dairy products might give rise to ovarian cancer. The researchers found that women's risk of ovarian cancer and whole milk products, low-fat milk and high lactose intake of a clear link between. They believe that the findings "in a certain extent," supports an excessive intake of dairy products, can induce ovarian cancer point of view.

  Exercise 30 minutes a day during pregnancy

Most women became pregnant because of fear of moving the tire air, they did not like the activities. But the United States and Europe of the latest research shows that exercise during pregnancy due for 30 minutes a day can help women stay in shape after childbirth. In addition, a certain degree of exercise during pregnancy can also help women avoid some diseases.

 Women's milk could lead to acne

Many young girls are grown for their face, the acne to worry about, a new study found that the probability of long-acne how much milk a day on.

The researchers said that more than two glasses of skim milk to drink every day women, face higher risk of acne Minister of ordinary people by 44%. If you are not limited to skim milk, as long as drinking three glasses a day over the possibility of suffering from acne will improve 22%.

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