Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gynecologist to listen to the 13 private message

1. In addition to doing monthly breast self-inspection, the "genital self-test" is also a female doctor who will do. If you find the following four kinds of circumstances any one of immediately do check:

a. emerging black spots;

b. A week later the swelling has not subsided;

c. small, white spots;

d. vulvar skin becomes thin.

2. Vulvar sarcoma around the emerging small you are worried about? You can check the first DIY: Using a small piece of cotton cloth dipped in vinegar after 1:00 on the small table sarcoma on 2 minutes.

If small sarcoma color white, then, should see a doctor to see if minor surgery to remove the need to implement; if the color does not change, then, most are harmless.

3. Do gynecological examination immediately after voiding to prevent bacterial invasion. Before the examination may wish to drink a large glass of water, so you will have done inspection urine complacent.

4. "Missionary influence," gal on the body are prone to urinary tract infections position, because men, the groin was very easy to filth, and the "missionary potential" position which will give the maximum close to the groin female male urethra in posture. Multi-position change it, not only to add taste, but also disease prevention.

5. When you get to know the men and the new feelings of heat to prepare "that" should be mindful of the time! About one-third of men in sexual health issues would be lying. Therefore, the best of his knowledge, etc., when a few more and then a passion.

6. Even if you pay special attention to hygiene is also particularly susceptible to urinary tract infections, then the gene probably is your problem, medicine also can not explain why in the end it will be.

7. Today "Heixiu" Next week pregnant? This is entirely possible! Not to say that today a general decline in sperm quality of men do? Yes, however, the activity of sperm from a man just 48 hours to 8 days in duration! They are no longer so-called "rhythm" of each sex should have a contraceptive method.

8. Contraceptives should be eaten every day, if you forgot a period of 3 days, then the equivalent white "to eat."

Nine. Do hearsay, and orgasm does not have any helpful pregnant, in fact does not help the stock sperm high enthusiasm, and instinctively know where to rush this.

10. You know, being circulated among doctors saying it? "Man's best friend is a dog, a woman's best friend is a condom."

11. When the doctor give you prescribe, we must remember to ask: "I'm taking oral contraceptives, you open these drugs affect the effectiveness of birth control pills do?"

12. Oral contraceptives containing estrogen, good bone health, but some injectable form of contraception was able to accelerate osteoporosis. Thus, the doctor best suited to your method of contraception.

13. You know what? When you near the time of ovulation, your cervix will be slightly raised, but was open-like, but also softer. At this time, sex when you use the posture, it would make you have more enjoyable feeling.

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