Sunday, February 21, 2010

Physiognomy can be judged by whether the health of internal organs

The quality of the human body organs function in the face reflected. The always busy you may wish to look at his face, may find the secret of good health.
A sudden increase in forehead wrinkles
This situation shows that an excessive burden on the liver itself, we should eat less animal fat, such as pork and the like, but should eat some light food, such as liver, spinach, tofu and fish and so on.
Black eye socket, his face dark and gloomy
The morning, if we find this shape appear before their own, indicating that kidney burden too heavy. To reduce the use of salt and the use of sugar, can we not try to avoid sugar sugar dish, duck cooked with chestnuts, burning cabbage diet etc., can also be cooked with red and white radish broth to drink. Moreover, the kidney is also very effective sub-soup to eat.
  Red nose
Tip of the nose represents the heart of the case. Tip of the nose may be red or purple blood pressure is high, or too much salt and alcohol intake.
Swelling of the upper lip
This is most likely caused by stomach cramps. Eat more potatoes, sweet potato, chestnut, sweet potato, lotus root, etc. Nuanwei food. If the skin is too rough, you try to use bamboo, sea cucumber and eat lean meat stew to see.
  The skin is too white
This may be due to blood loss caused by. Can be red dates, peanuts, after soaking with warm water, low heat cooked, add some honey Aozhi sticky. Eat this food, his face will be rosy up.
Cheek was red and brown
Cheek, redness is a sign of high blood pressure. Should pay attention to reducing smoking or smoking cessation, regular blood pressure.
Ear redness
Ear represents the kidney condition. Ear was red or purple circle bad description. Less alcohol, eat fine food, eat less sugar, more exercise to promote circulation

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