Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Destroy the health of seven kinds of fruit you eat

Fruit is perceived as one of the most healthy food, and even some people eat fruit and even several times larger than the staple food. However, whether you know that eating fruit is a stress, or else would not be able to achieve the purpose of health, but will bring many diseases.

First, raw fruits and bogey is not peeling: Some people think that vitamin content than the fruit peel, hence its consumption of fruits with skin when you eat. As everyone knows, fruit pests and diseases occur, they often use pesticides Pensha, pesticides will be soaked and left in the peel wax, the result of pesticide residues in peel than pulp is much higher.

Second, avoid using a kitchen knife cut fruit: a result of regular contact with a kitchen knife meat, fish, vegetables, parasites or parasite eggs would bring fruit, the people infected with parasitic disease. Especially the rust on the knife and Apple will play a tannic acid contained in a chemical reaction, so that Apple's color, smell and taste worse.

Third, bogey to eat fruits immediately after meals: eat fruits immediately after meals, not only will not help digestion, but can cause flatulence and constipation. Therefore, advisable to eat fruit after a meal or two hours before meals for 1 hour.

4, eat fruit and bogey is not gargle: Some fruits contain a variety of fermentation of carbohydrate on the teeth strong corrosive, if mouthwash after eating, oral residue in the fruit could easily lead to tooth decay.

5, not eat too much fruit: excessive consumption of fruits, make the human body Quetong, resulting in elevated blood cholesterol caused coronary heart disease, it would be inappropriate in a short time eating too much fruit.

6, eat fruit bogey unsanitary: Edible fruit began to rot, and no dust, fly-proof equipment, not any thoroughly disinfect fruit, such as strawberries, mulberry, cuts pieces of watermelon and so on, prone to dysentery, typhoid fever, acute gastric enteritis and other gastrointestinal diseases.

7, fruit hanged alcohol disinfection: alcohol, been able to kill the fruit surface bacteria, but will cause fruit color, smell, taste changes, alcohol and the role of fruit acid will reduce the nutritional value of fruits.

Mastering the proper eat fruit, not only satisfy your taste, but also can make your body more healthy, serve the dual purposes.

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