Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Single beautiful 30-year-old president of reflections

This is known as a beautiful 3-year-old CEO of the User in the reflections written by the advent of the day, from the cause, feelings, life and beauty in four areas to share their ideas and experience. Some people say that the views of thick black paper, a strong taste, some people have a look and said it was very useful, it should also allow a man to read.

Business articles

Whether working or business, by its very nature is nothing less than to the boss or clients selling their tangible or intangible product. In a nutshell: we are all out to sell. Since it is sold out, a sell a good friend, second, be dedicated, three potential buyers should not complain. So, first of all to maintain the beauty, secondly, to do more with less complaints, the third to see the money's sake should be an appropriate compromise.

Do not necessarily have to pay a return, do not necessarily have to harvest. Except for learning and exercise.

We are animals, evolution has come from, even if the senior is also still animals, Darwinism has been applied. Only the training itself into a more agile, stronger animals, in order to live a good point. Therefore lazy negative and certainly not the long-term solution. If in the animal world, the end of the pyramid so you Hao Zhao, has died.

This day and age there is no absolute rule is fair competition, and accept that, and then plunge into vigorous arm themselves unfair competition. Comply with the law of the line, is Darwinism.

First win of the talk. Enjoy your loot, you can continue to cynical heart. Do not abuse the failure of mercy to the competition, because the next might be you.

There is no desire to fight for a half-day realization of one to blame himself Xueyibujing, two to blame their own bad luck, and then act quickly to stand up to wish the next one. Front investment of time and energy, were all counted as sunk costs. The courage to bear the sunk cost is the first lesson Chu Laihun

 Emotional chapter

The conditions of love is to let itself from the spiritual to the material, from the soul to the body, because of the status of the other side are better than ever before. Otherwise, why bother?

If you are a man now in general, do not expect he would be better for you after marriage, he must be your best moment of the pursuit phase and passionately in love period. If you have two periods of his dissatisfaction with Shangqie, you have to think carefully about.

You might as well let him more time and money, often the more people to invest, the harder it let go.

Even if you have him for a lot of time and money invested, the departure point of time it neatly away. The courage to bear the sunk costs in love is to start a new life premise.

Two were eventually having to come to, "will it matter" has been a very good outcome, because many people find marriage "completely not the case."

The feelings of a successful relationship, love is necessarily translate into affection for. Affection is a Happy ending. If you do not love not any form of affection, that the relationship has failed. Is generally used to assist in this transformation of birth to complete.

Said the old man the truth most of them are right, such as marriage to find a practical family man, but the truth is only talking about two or three bruises of love you will understand later. Naturally know how to hit a brick wall back, for fear had never afraid to go back.

Men are human beings, he is not necessarily smarter than you, brave, hard-working and productive. If you can not love a man's deity, but fell in love with you look forward to in his words, you will have been disappointed, and he would be too large because of pressure from silence and collapse.

The worship of a person not sufficient to support the trivial daily life. Idol should be stepped down, leaving the subject of world view, he is also going to stool.

Since ancient times, there is White Snake and Green Snake, white roses and red roses, a man Delongwangshu impossible to defend. Not as good as other anti-, and the remaining energy more than some money, or skin care. Lost if the position still retain combat power and then grab one.

  Life articles

The younger, the more can be applied to "trial and error", ie without violating the health, do not conflict with the law, based on the find out what things are really suitable for their own. In order to do the later years more likely, it may be more pre-trial wrong, Preparation may quicken the gong.

Large energy difference between each birth, and some people Guadan tasteless, and some people ups and downs, all the energy fixed by myself come. Of energy this thing can not a priori comparisons, to himself than to meet the like. The key is a correct assessment of their energy.

Do not realize the pain of desire, desire achieve the boring. Only recently, after that short period of time to achieve happiness. So inevitably be short-lived happiness, pain and boredom of life is the norm. This is our desire to decide.

Any choice and decisions of others has his own reason, as far as possible to understand and non-interference. However, if the harm to your soul and property, we must interfere.

Face is foisted on them. Others will insist on face to those who showed honesty, courage, hard work and Kaopu people. These elements do not make the criteria as to face the person, you do not care about him to not give respect.

What time do not have to wait until maturity and then start to do one thing, in the swimming learn to swim, learn to drive in the car, across the river by feeling the stones can be. Premise is Shude Qi.

  Beauty articles

As a woman, your appearance and your personality jointly decide your fate, this is the cruel reality. No matter what what North Korea's, the East or West, dignified route is always wrong. Loaded also loaded the image.

Waist is the golden key to women and graceful posture is a girl and Aunt watershed. To be desperate to keep. To learn makeup, tidy up before you go out. You will be happy, others will pay more for your patience, and good but no harm.

If you're single, I suggest you keep the state stands ready, that is try to look beautiful at any time. Color rain cloud is difficult to say which may be encountered love corner.

When you desire a better body is far greater than your desire for food, you can successfully lose weight. Can not be lessened is because you build a strong enough desire.


All of the above experiences and lessons can only solve the technical problems, looks is not the United States, work is not wishful, man is not good, in fact, all the luck

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