Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Smooth wrinkles, "nirvana" easy mark off the years

Time to flow away hurriedly, age, and gradually increased, time traces of the face painting will also mark not only the skin to become very bad mood will be plunged to the bottom, the following 12 strokes smooth wrinkles teach nirvana, to prevent wrinkles "surprise attack" you Jiaohao the face, truly one the old skin, not old.

  The first to make a move carefully cleansing the skin becomes moist, delicate

Clean, but also produced a top priority to prevent wrinkles. Because of the adverse external environment, a lot of gas and dust very easily attached to the skin, while the computer screen is also a hidden danger of radiation. The dirt will make the skin lose elasticity, wrinkles easily emerge. Therefore, we must note that clean, in ways which suit your skin's cleansing products cleansing the skin. Cleaning process, the instrument can also be used to wet steam expansion in the face to thoroughly cleanse the skin pores to reach the purpose.

2 strokes make more use of vitamin-rich cosmetics

From Victoria C, whitening, to Victoria E, anti-oxidation and aging, as well as the most popular variety of dimensions A derivatives, which can make your skin cleaner and brighter. Therefore, the regular smear should choose a different vitamin-rich nutritional ingredients cream, to the skin to enrich nutrition.

  No. 3 horny and massage strokes to remove, dilute wrinkle lines

If the horny thickening is bound to affect appearance, and prone to wrinkles. Therefore, exfoliating is also a key step in wrinkle-free. In the skin care process, there must be a skin beauty massage, heat or water down the lines so that the skin wrinkles, and to ensure better penetration of skin care products, thereby improving the overall skin condition.

  No. 4 strokes focus on maintenance of the eye to prevent the breeding of eye wrinkles

A long time to read the novel, Internet play on the computer, staying up late watching Korean show, night carnival, fun is fun, but still, most suffer that can be regarded as eyes. Under normal circumstances, eye fatigue produced easy to make eye wrinkles and dark circles, bags under the eyes, swelling and other issues. Should therefore be to strengthen the eye massage, painting Eye for eye lift fatigue, provide nutrition.

No. 5 strokes preventive maintenance to prevent the forehead, eyes and the labial angle wrinkles

Years of ruthless, always in people's forehead, eyes, left labial angle, etc. ruthless wrinkles. And generally speaking, these wrinkles arise, even if difficult to redouble our efforts to remove, it should be noted that before the birth of the wrinkles in these areas focus on the use of wrinkle-free cosmetics, in particular, should be targeted to select preventive eye cream, and eye Makeup Remover to prevent the first wrinkles arise.

No. 6 strokes with the wrinkle-free make-up, bright at the same time blocking wrinkles

On-site on the market have been a lot of make-up with a crease-resistant features, which make up for like a day of beauty, Ms. Liang is the best choice of make-up products.

 7 strokes make-up have to remember that the protection of vulnerable lips

Unlike most, like the skin of the lips are sebaceous glands secrete oil to keep wetting, while the lips are mucosal sites, containing only a small amount of melanin, not enough to prevent sun damage. So lip is also vulnerable to damage from environmental pollution, leaching, so that lips dry, cracking and produce wrinkles. At this time, in addition to remember that often painted lip balm with sun protection factor, but also remember to protect lips in the make-up. Recommend the use of moisture-rich ingredients, or combined with sunscreen ingredients lipstick or lip gloss.

Section 8 strokes before going to sleep for hands, feet and maintenance

Beautiful hands and feet are also an important criterion for beauty, so remember to give them adequate nutrients.

Dry air and strong alkaline soap to oily hands and feet are the natural enemies of care, they can easily cause skin aging and thickening of the stratum corneum, so rough and cracked fingers, hands and feet become more and more thick, the surface of the skin more come more and more wrinkles, affecting appearance. As the hands and feet almost no sebaceous glands, so as far as possible when cleaning the skin choice slightly acidic type of moisturizing shower gel, and even clean water, clean complete and then take advantage of wet-type hand-foot-painted nourish moisturizing cream.

No. 9 strokes seriously dry and sensitive skin care

Dry skin, due to relatively dry skin, pores small, not obvious, so easy to produce small wrinkles. Capillaries and sensitive skin is pale, the skin is thin, more sensitive to outside stimuli. Therefore, the skin should be targeted. If you use skin care products are allergy in general fitness, you should instead use a dedicated cosmetics. For example, sensitive skin should use on the skin to stimulate the small exfoliating cream or gel district nursing. Particularly sensitive skin do not have to cutin.

Article 10 strokes not forget to smear sunscreen and resist wrinkles appear

The sun's ultraviolet rays most likely to be urging the elderly, man tan though only in the summer thing, but autumn and winter sun spots and wrinkles, like birth. Do not hesitate to insist on sunscreen all year round to ensure that the skin and wrinkles later time fighting hand to hand.

11 strokes to prevent wrinkles from now sleep lying down

Oh, to sleep lying down can prevent wrinkles. Tummy sleep will be the face of oppression, will be the resulting skin fold, the time a long time, wrinkles also inevitably breeds. Remember: In order to prevent wrinkles, best sleeping position is constantly changing.

12 strokes of adequate sleep and normal daily routine to ensure the normal metabolism

Wrinkles is the performance of facial skin aging, skin aging are many reasons, one reason why sleep is important. Normal need for sleep time varied according to age, adults need 7-9 hours a day. Lack of sleep, especially long-term lack of sleep, facial prone to wrinkles. During sleep, with night cream to increase the skin's nutrition, can enhance the role of sleep, wrinkle-free effect will be better

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