Thursday, February 25, 2010

These men, women favorite style posture

1. Wearing high-heeled shoes

A pair of high heels, accompanied by the appropriate thin wire Gaotong pants will make your legs slim and graceful, in the eyes of men, add a host of unspeakable charm.

  2. Moderate nudity

The key parts of a woman too much dew would be mistaken for a "flasher" not decent. How fitting it is exposed too, is a major problem. Right neck confident woman, wearing a V-neck dress, and then with gold necklaces, that can bring a beautiful neckline; right shoulder, confident person, and may wear Xiaojian, Straight-type clothing; if worried about the shoulder Lu too, may wish to sew some lace, or decorated with shoulder-Wai; right chest and confident person, you can unlock a multi-button shirt, wearing a transparent shirt with lace bra with the color. right thigh and confident person, should to wear miniskirts. If wearing a skirt so, should reveal ankle.

  3. Revealed shame state

Shy is a woman to attract men and to increase the ambience of the secret weapon, there was timely but fitting, then into obsequiousness, is a kind of feminine beauty, such as the school of the naive young girl's face suddenly flush thrown, no boy will not be tempted. Be careful that this state can not "excessive use" Otherwise, there is sensuality mean, it would go in the opposite of.

  4. Using a fixed brand of perfume

To choose their own brand of perfume some fixed will be your exclusive logo. He heard of this fragrance, you know you have come. Most people have to sprinkle perfume on a handkerchief or clothing, which not only smell easy to disappear, but will also lead to moth-eaten clothes. Some women ** put perfume painted in the hair root, ear, neck and armpits, this is not good. The best way is to perfume painted around the navel and the breast, and the other with a small group of cotton, dipped in the middle of perfume on the bra, so not only to maintain long-term scent, but also can make the body temperature of the hot air with the scent, to overflow in all directions scattered.

 5. Society of action language

That Aortic Feelings eyes, then smiled a look, then Yitaiwanfang manner, that Chuchudongren face, and sometimes better than a thousand words.

 6. Develop your "mysterious beauty"

Portray themselves as the image of a little mystery, let him think that you will always be a mystery, is a Baidubuyan book.

 7. To send a sweet boyfriend nickname

To send a sweet nickname to your lover, you will have even more intimate with each other. Surprising is that some prominent status of the President, Members, but also to lovers call them the nickname. These are men from the women feel cute nicknames are: small Yaya, small handsome guy, small guagua, small muddy balls, small fool, a small obediently, Hercules, Big Head tigers, teddy bear boss, honey baby , baby eggs, an air bear, Fast food restaurants, and vegetables, when to send, charming precision.

8. Childish confession make her boyfriend feel very happy

When you spend a lot of money to buy a few tickets in preparation for her husband about a theater, you can call using the child's playful tone, said: "I am a bad bad bad kids. I bought a few plays votes, if I were to tell you how expensive the fare, you will be easy. But I guarantee that as long as you're not angry, I just go to your head and kiss your toes. "heard that your husband will be laughed saying: "From head to toe, is it? ah, this is worth oh!"

9. Women have to be romantic but not indecent

Merry and dirty, with the women's cutesy, but there is a sense of proportion differences: the performance just right, compared with flirtatious romantic, charming too excessive compared to downstream. Typically, the so-called romantic is innate, indecent belongs to the day after tomorrow. Does not have a romantic special sacrifice of the woman, men will feel dull; have these features may be described as obscene: wearing disgusting underwear; halitosis; teeth black; sound muddy; often say something decent, if not indecent; eat something sound; disinformation trouble.

 10. The performance of "fragile" is caused by the secret of feminine

In order to meet men naturally like to "protect" women's desire to show what an appropriate "fragile" is necessary. This "weak" performance in both the physical, the appearance of a fragile, but also reflected the spirit of the "vulnerable", such as fear of thunder or easy to shedding tears.

11. Make the odds look cute

When the man late for an appointment, if he said: "ah! Late." You have to hold back grievances replied: "I am afraid you can not find the place it is!" This is due to his late first demeanor. However, if the next time he was late, then odds can come in handy: "Humph!'re Late again. Fine you invited me to dinner!" This level of anger will make him quite a good impression.

12. Sigh gently into his heart may be

To induce him to slightly tone of the bar, the two sit side by side, and then according to the first 30 minutes chatting happily as usual, and the amount of alcohol drinking. After 30 minutes, you will start playing in the hands of the glass, and their eyes fixed on his fingertips around quietly sigh: "Alas!" He's sensitive to note that in order to worry about the eyes watching you. You immediately quickly escape his attention, give him a fatal blow gently and then "Oh," soon as. His sigh of your guess will give birth to many worried that you do not like with him together. At this time, he would find ways to examine their own mistakes and eager to you to declare how much he likes you, love, comedy will be further put on, the middle you play into the hands

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