Friday, February 5, 2010

A single female college student's metamorphosis Quotations

1. "From college to the present, there is only a boy gives me the urge to stir up an object, but he would like to engage me when I get to quit, and so I do not take the time to think, and he wanted to promote his female friend! "
2. "Looked with favor on the beach yet? Quite good, you go to try to figure out each character's heart, is a rare book of life. With a different attitude to see is a man-eating society. This troubled world, you do not play someone else , When they play you. "
3. "Transfer beads to give you your mother bought you?" "Oh! How do you know?" "Look inside your bear does not look like a lady land."
4. "And no place had a man, not yet seen a man go do!"
5. "Male lust like a woman a good wealth, forgive the men who lecherous bar!"
6. "" What kind of woman to attract a man? "The title is good, should buy to go back and research."
7. "Said the 2050 book, when little boys over girls, the proportion of serious imbalance. But.. A good day to gnaw the total is less tired late?"
8. "These men's eyes are beads, beads inside without me!"
9. "I Zhaoa Zhao! Not stop looking! I looking for? I'm looking for dry food, water, and the legends of love!!!"
10. "You said that Andy is not now married, is tired of ranges I?"
11. "No money, no job, no boyfriend, no matter what!!"
12. "Loaded to force the men most likely to be touched, because they are filled with even touched."
13. "A man's love like pie ~ together together, the woman in love is a burst of wind chimes ~ a while child to child!"
14. "Rogue will be martial arts, who can not hold back."
15. "Osama bin Laden called Osama bin Laden was and what is Sada Mu." (No girls in our class impression students, They are a people.)
16. "Chairman Mao Chairman Mao's real name is called, right?"
17. "I was very lonely way to enjoy this silly now to fork life!"
18. "For a woman who spent his whole life to accommodate a self-willed men who no doubt is very bad, but worse is that no man let her accommodating!"
19. "In high school, I always thought 'Hong Menyan' is a banquet table, the Hong Men of flesh."
20. "I have 22, and still he's never been engaged in an object do it!"
21. "You do not like sitting in front of a PC for a long time motionless is not bad, especially the toilet easy to pipe Bie bad." "Ah? Han control child?" "Catheter." "... ..."
22. "I keep a dog, ready to go back 51 to cut the cecum it." "Ah?" "That's what you face? Cut I'll be sewn on." "... ..."
23. "People's nerves are very resilient, and the dead in the formalin pool house for a long time after the bubble then singled out for sciatic nerve stretch ah ah You can also stretch the stretch in a very long." "... ..."
24. "" Woman, wife and mother not do, doing evil spirit, "My God! Fairy sway of the now?" "You look at me like a fairy sister Mody ?""。。 you are like the monster."
25. "Walking in the school feel as if he had aged to do is the way to mummies to see what the young boy wanted to touch on two."
26. "You said it was strange,咱the freshman to the time bar, sophomore, junior to men than an ugly one,咱to a time when the junior, freshman, sophomore to a man than a bad, wait until the now let's graduate school of the small group were again full of water with a tender way with what is in! "
27. "This is an emotional change as clues to describe a psychological not a normal college girls not doing it the object of psychological sad notes of letterhead." (Excerpt from a woman who has been engaged in less than an object In school crush on her brother had written love letters in the first sentence.)
28. "Old people walking in the street take a look at me, not because I am a long strange is that they are Xiangzhui me."
29. "Women to men should be like the cat on the mouse, not a bite, to slowly torture!"
30. "Do not hang on a tree to a tree near the trees at the test several times over."
31. "Sister kissing ears when the bell would really have it?" "Do not know, I did not do that wicked thing."
32. "He do to, you said that there are objects to gnaw on tender Mody crazy people tired?"
33. "A woman to do is to self-improvement! So咱rich in long-term care after his 50, he built a five-story small building on the first floor lap 10."
34. "Did not come to a Goodbye Kiss? Then you are also inappropriate to the object at呀!"
35. "The men go, and they so what's a good spirited it? Has the ability of their own children to go!"
36. "My mother spent 20 on the overpass a few days ago I forget a side of life, said the past few years I have everything go to flow, such as in 2009, but can find an object like a. Destined to go to 2 16 was first love.. You find your mother give you counted it, I remember him Kanjia ah! "
37. "Sister who! I wanted to say to you from the bottom of the heart: the man is what ah? Man is the son of a bitch the whole TMD, Ha Ha Ha Ha!"
38. "Waiter ~ ~ on both men and land!" (Every time you go out to dinner when the waiter asked Diansha vegetables, these words are washed his mouth then swallow it.)
39. "I think the people are all beautiful children咱sleep !""。。。 this sentence you can only say in the door." (A night lights in the bedroom Xiankan, ah, ah J, and Q from the bottom of the heart dialogue.)
40. "And so I have money in the future, breast to eat something every day, possession of what he papaya, milk, and arrest Han Chi Sha !"(。。。)
41. "I want to bake in hand!!" (Old R drunkenness back to the bedroom, put the bedroom when the big hotels, full latrine to find baking phone, could not find housing would not return to sleep.)
42. "Come one man spoil spoil me!!" (A pure and upright manner to the unrequited love of young women with long-standing boys confession, got on is actually the one you're so pure I could not bear to spoil you..)
43. "Gender: Chick." (Employment, gender bar tables fill the small Y says.)

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