Monday, February 1, 2010

To love with a woman to bed, can there be pleasure

Many women are talked about a sense: If you and a man with feelings, she would like sex; if the men together, and lack of feeling, sex life becomes uninteresting, and even a kind of humiliation.
A woman can enjoy the original nature of happiness, can be when her husband is not feeling the same after the sexual relationship with his hate: the "32-year-old to 37-year-old five years, I rarely touch, and loved ones. This time two years ago, once a month, after three months, six months until a few years time. I'm tired, and he also does not matter. He said, and yet also so over. I let him Aspect brother video in this regard, let him Try a variety of techniques. he asked me to give him a month, practicing a practice, whether we can have a good feeling. It was playing before and after the divorce certificate, I promised to give him a month's time. sorry for that month in particular, I have been endured, and each time felt particularly aggrieved, and humiliation. His whole body caress me goose bumps. time to trifle generous, he confused than before, but I still do not like.

A woman compared with her ex-husband and his lover's sexual relationships to prove that her emotional and sexual relationship between the mind: "I love the first time there, feel pleasure, I think, and these two men have sex with a different sense of pure is because the moral difference. I was not yet seen the kind of video, but the lovers together, and when you know that legs lifted, my husband and I worked hundreds of times but never did so before. my husband and I have never over pleasure, and the lover are five or six times a night to pleasure, that no sense of shame.

Due to a poor relationship with her husband and found a lover of women compared with the two men of her sexual relationship: "with my husband together, felt like a doll; and this friend, well before we know what is a woman. "

A woman in order to get rid of his unrequited love of the lover, with no feelings of people had had sexual relations, but as far as she said: "I would like to get rid of that time he came into contact with other people. Have a personal than he pretty attractive. There is One day I stayed at his house, there were sexual relations. feel bad, I think, because there was no feeling, but also because I still love my old lover, and he did not pull away from, the old has his heart shadow. In short, that felt very bad result, and I can not love that people have not only become even friends do not do the. "

"Sexual discuss this matter, and we go together like the people, lack of feeling on the Bu Hangle." "With the blend of emotions in order to have physical and mental feeling. Light sexual experience without feeling I have before, but then get back on over, there is no physical blend of feelings. "a divorced woman, said:" I have had a temporary sexual relationship, but did not, and I love it when people love a good feeling, there is not much meaning. "emotional and sexual relations in some extremely sensitive to women who can be quantified evidence.

For example. Comparison of a divorced woman with no feelings of her ex-husband and the feelings of sexual relations between the new boyfriend: "and he (her boyfriend) with do not feel shy, because he was special input, you'll find special blend. This is I understand from the beginning of Nannvzhishi been feeling the best ever held. He and I almost always will have a pleasant sensation, but the past and my husband 10 times, only two or three times. "

There are some women think, even the same person, and love, good and bad feelings can also affect sexual feelings: "When feelings come first. Sexual and feelings can not be separated. There is no feeling there would be no sexual relations. Even with my loved ones together, I could feel that good relations between the two time sex be good, both are awkward when you have sex, although comfortable, will not be so invested. "

1 pairs of her husband's feelings change in the women, said: "For me, more important is emotional, not sexual. Feeling particularly good sex life would be particularly good. Heart liberal assured that sexual feelings will get better." She said that even with the excitement of her feelings about: "When will there be a particularly good feelings of pleasure; now feeling well, and want to reach can not be achieved. since I think he is unreliable, not to rely on my life, I've been little pleasure of. "

One has decided to break up with her boyfriend of the woman say: "I think the nature and spirit are linked. I began to have a boyfriend, a temporal relationship is harmonious. Then I found his character in the trivial, vulgar, dark side. discovered that we do not and after the character, I immediately lower the temperature of, including sex. even though he (in the sexual aspects) are the professionals, let me comfortable, but I do not regret breaking up with him. "" I think the feelings of are particularly vulnerable to impact the depth of sexual quality of life. I wish I did not do bad feelings on this matter, because there is no enthusiasm, and will feel bored, in order to do what to do meaningless. feelings of good times past, we each have done was particularly perfect, we look at this book, I hear someone say something in this area are few and no training, but they are also can be done intuitively so good, he said, until the two of us together, he was know how good this matter. "Many women are in possession of emotional and sexual can not be separated and should not be separated from point of view.

One woman said: "I and fellow students spoke to this matter, they are saying and feeling on this matter, the two sides Aide Shen deeper understanding we can achieve a high degree of harmony." "Sexual feelings aside I can not accept. I exclusion of a purely sexual contacts. I think this is the difference between humans and animals. people always have feelings first before the release of desire. "" have feelings in order to have sex life; devoid of feelings and animals similar to become a prostitute. "" should be the basis of sexual feelings. absolutely no sexual feelings have to have a good impression, there is no bad feeling Caixing. a man and a woman between the acts, if neither forced nor feelings, can not happen. "

A woman doctor say: "I just asked for one more spiritual. If I had not a feeling he would not have sex. I have a good relationship with her boyfriend a few, and they are together, do not have the idea that nature. that where a friend is sick, I take care of him at his house, and give him wash, massage, I have no sexual feelings, he may have this feeling. "

A divorce and had a short and several men have sex with women, said: "Sex is difficult to completely separate and feelings. I would want to separate the points, so can live lighter. If you do not love a woman who can not accept and his sexual relationship. "

A very young age to understand the female masturbation said: "Maybe because I have long known that this (masturbation), and I think the feelings are more important. I do not think feelings should not do the job." "I'm thinking of yes buys them on intuition for. Renpei I did not think when. this matter there 'edge' words. felt there is enjoyment, not to get there can not. with people who do not like to do things together, have been raped feeling. "

One woman referred to herself and her boyfriend because of emotional and sexual relationship between the different views on the conflicts taking place: "He told me that because of outside pressure on the overall taste of this life less than a pleasure, I feel pretty useless for. Abroad allowed prostitutes, the old society allows concubinage, which he considered the physiological requirements of men. In his view and love are different things. He said to me, you must believe that I will always only love you alone, if I go play with other people It was just for a change of appetite. However, I think that the unity of love and sex are. I am old, and his fight for this point. He said, up and down, at home and abroad, heroes are like this. "Perhaps, on the Here, everyone will have different views ... ...

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