Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ten nutritionist to answer questions about drinking water

"In our daily lives, the water is too common all too common. But perhaps for this reason that most people do not know how to drink water every day, drink water, drink plenty of water when ... ... which is a direct impact on to our health. "The Chinese Nutrition Society, vice president of Professor Cheng Yiyong of the" Life Times "reporter. To this end, this issue we have invited the State Food and Nutrition Advisory Committee, deputy director of the China Agricultural University Professor Li Lite, Guang An Men Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of therapeutic nutrition, WANG Yi, and Professor Cheng Yiyong together to answer our 10 one related to health, and also the people most concerned about the "drinking problem."

  1 Q: What nutrients in the water in the end?

Lee Ritter: There is a lot of people are concerned about whether there is a wide variety of water and nutrition, but we have overlooked the fact that one of the most fundamental - the water itself is a nutrient. We usually talk about the six nutrients the body needs, in fact, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. Water is life, body, animal and plant survival of an essential nutrient. At the same time, the water is also the most abundant element in the human body. As long as there is sufficient drinking water, people can still eat food survive for several weeks; but there is no water, the number of days will die. So, whether you are fond of drinking water, tea or soup, the daily intake must be sufficient "water nutrition", in order to maintain the body that sets the normal operation of a complex machine.

  2 Q: Is drinking water replenishment of the best?

Cheng Yi-yong: This expression is a bit one-sided. Boiled water replenishment effect is indeed good, but because a single taste, it may make people feel "not taste good." Research indicates that people are drinking their favorite beverage will be more usually greater intake of water.

Chinese Nutrition Society of the latest version of "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents," also pointed out that the vast majority of drinks on the market today contain more than 80% water. Main function is to drink the water needed to supplement the human body, while bringing joy to taste experience to consumers. However, many drinks contain a certain amount of heat, in the replenishment at the same time will increase the calorie intake. Therefore, drinking cola beverages must make a good amount of time. In addition to drinking water, the morning and a cup of milk, a cup of fruit juice between meals is also a good choice.

  3 Q: drinking water, pure water and mineral nutrition on the What's the difference?

Li Lite: From the ingredients for both drinking water and mineral water contains minerals, while the purified water is pure water. In northern China such as Beijing, boiling water, Tsubouchi will bear a thick wall of scale, and this is the performance of existing minerals, in this sense is also a mineral water drinking water. Well, is not the water contains minerals than without you? Not necessarily, after all, very little mineral content in water, mineral supplement on the human body will not be required to bring a big impact. So, that will lead to long-term drinking mineral water, mineral overdose or poisoning is wrong, that the long-term drinking pure water has led to nutritional deficiencies is also wrong.

  4 Q: The soup can recharge?

Cheng Yi-yong: Certainly, because the soup is more than 90% moisture, which is a good way to recharge. However, the soup should be salty to drink, or excessive intake of sodium ions, osmotic pressure will change the body, you must drink more water to go in and - this is why we sometimes feel soup Yue Heyue thirsty. Therefore, be sure to control the salt soup, chicken, mushroom soup had very tasty, they do not salt.

  5 Q: Overnight in the end be able to drink the water?

Lee Ritter: There may be some micro-organisms in water overnight reproduction, but how much it harms the human body are not so serious. As long as there is no pollution of the nature of the water will not change, so the overnight drinking water will not have any problems. Spring water we drink is probably more than a dozen years ago the.

  6 Q: The repeated boiling of water drink do?

WANG Yi: There are also some people that the water as thousands of boiling water, or in those in the water dispenser inside the bottle is repeatedly heated water. Generally speaking, the nitrite content of water which will be higher. Can direct a large number of nitrite poisoning, because the role of nitrite with human blood to form methemoglobin, so that the blood loss of oxygen functionality, makes oxygen poisoning. Although the 1000 levels of nitrite in boiling water Bu Zhiyu so high, but when the nitrite in the human body when a certain dose of carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic substances, could seriously endanger human health. So, try not to boil the water again. Hot water dispenser is also the best "with the drink with the burning," and not to have been in the "heat - insulating" state.

  7 Q: The pH of the water is really important?

Li Lite: Japan in the late 90's had developed a water electrolysis that by using the electrode into the water for the sterilization of acidic water and alkaline water for health, both the efficacy of the water is by the Japanese Ministry of Health (Health Department) recognized. However, this must require alkaline water pH value reached 8.5 or more can there be to reduce stomach acid, mediation intestinal flora and other functions. At present, some on the market known as the "alkaline" water, claiming that after drinking can change the body's acid-base status, it is impossible, basically the concept of speculation.

  8 Q: Can water detoxification?

Lee Ritter: First of all, what is "detoxification", there has been no one can very clearly expressed this idea. However, the metabolic needs of the body of water, drink plenty of water can promote gastrointestinal motility, to ease defecation, from this point of view, saying that there is nothing wrong drink water detoxification.

  9 Q: Every day drink "eight glasses of water", this quantity in the end how much?

Cheng Yi-yong: This question really is frustrating for many people, because everyone drink the cup size is different. In our new pagoda in the diet, increasing the image of water, emphasizing the importance of sufficient quantities of drinking water. In the mild climatic conditions of life of light physical activity for adults per day for at least 1200 milliliters of drinking water, that is, two bottles of mineral water, this very image of. Some people may ask, had previously been said that drinking water can not be less than 2000 milliliters per day, why there are only 1200 milliliters of? In fact, refers to 2000 milliliters of water one day, the needs of the total amount of fruits and vegetables contain large quantities of water, even the staple food, the meat has, the body needs water, a large part comes from the food.

  10 Q: The early morning wake up in the how to drink water before going to sleep at night?

WANG Yi: the morning's first cup of water is a life-saving water, because the human body's metabolism through the night after the body's all refuse needs a wash. Our cells like a dry sponge, when the water went after the capture this water, and then 40 minutes or so excreted out. This metabolic process, that is, we are concerned with the detoxification. That morning cup of water the best-elect the following three ways: The first is the clear water, drinking water, purified water and mineral water Jie Ke, can reduce blood viscosity; second is the lemonade, citric acid can increase the appetite morning while citric acid molecule is small, does not affect renal metabolism, is conducive to urinate; third is light salt water, it is very good for people with constipation.

For the evening pay, you can choose honey, water, milk or yogurt, but the fear of those who Qiye Do not try to drink plenty of water before going to sleep. In addition, the evening Qiye, you can drink a glass of water, there is no Qiye people drink on the morning line

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