Friday, February 5, 2010

Sexiest men and women love moments 10

Male Version
1. He tied an apron, wash your hands to do the initiative cook soup. If only two of the world, you pick one a sexy design, the backs look warm "cook-fu", turned, and that is appetizing and tasty erotic chef!

2. Prior to launching the car, stretching the body in the past, for your safety belt and pulled out Koulao - took the opportunity to kiss, so as to "punish" you tend to forget about such an important thing!

3. Always busy-looking, he has to cross the road suddenly stopped, gently Qianzhu your hand, walk with the zebra crossing. Occasionally, a disclosure of the tender and thoughtful, more lethal than the sweet talk anytime, anywhere.

4. Shy from his coat pocket and took out a rose, whisper to say "Happy 7th anniversary of acquaintance." And you thought he would like before either forget or simply do not think is not important.
5. Seriously, but also slightly a little nervously clenched your hands, your eyes look straight forward, cautiously asked: "how your MC has not come yet? Is not ... ... I have to do dad?"
6. Along with watching television when the naturally grabbed you, carefully pulled out a gray hair for you.

7. Willing to be good at, and the courage to admit that they are "wife tube strict." When he was in front of your friends laugh at yourself, "his wife tube strict" when, how charming!

8. DIY toys for his son to focus unparalleled. In the enthusiastic production of toys for his son when, in fact, he was also immersed in recollections of childhood in a beautiful - a man's sexy is not only a Philips shaver advertisement of the kind, of course, is even more perfect if we can at the same time both a .

9. When he was carrying a bucket instead of washing his car directly entered the car wash. He makes a clean body clean cars - yes, the car is a man's lover, this time, he seriously looks really charming.

10. He made the right decision for each one, they all appear to be so confident and chivalrous: business, buying funds, investment works of art ... ... Yes, women actually are more willing to do little woman, especially, when he always do Your backbone.

Female Version

1. Husband cooking, from the back tightly grabbed his waist, his face attached to a solid back - in fact close during the exercise dance it!

2. When he repairs computers for your small problems, a good ironing silk underwear ... ... At this time, your eyes sparkling crystal clear light, admirers looked at him, mercilessly praise him: "Fantastic!" , "how do you know it all ah!

3. A weekend morning, breakfast will be cooked, as well as the soft-boiled eggs peel Xianggang like himself, sent to his bed, let him enjoy the rich and "delicious" breakfast.

4. To maintain the good habit of dating. Blurred in the dim lighting, soft-Man some of his language to talk about the past it has not yet known, immersed in the past recollection of the expression would make it especially attractive.

5. Pick a set of sexy underwear, his place on the shower room at a fixed location for washing clothes. When he saw one, and even bathing have become incredible - come out, just to see you wearing another leaning against the door waiting for him.

6. Cooking singled to put on the set of European-style maid containers, is the kind of tight shirt short little skirt, matched with lace Little Red Riding Hood ... ... Who says that the kitchen will certainly be a woman become Huanglian Po?

7. Tuosai hand softly touching the hair. Many men have unanimously admitted that they have no intention to move to and fro would be a woman of little tricks like the hair come into view.

8. At some point, you look at a loss, or deep in thought in the moment of loss. Men would like to appear better than the kind of woman a little slow domineering woman, ignorant and helpless look, in fact, very sexy.
9. With passionate eyes intently looking at him. Stand it like a woman without a man's eyes, of course, If we add a little shy, he will feel even more sexy.

10. Her sexy, not just the devil figure Flaming; his sexy, not just gas profile of a hero than the Pan. In many cases, in fact it was in her sexy, and his usual intentional or unintentional, those little details. This is how we are always impressed by the details

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