Friday, April 29, 2011

Are nutritional supplements worthwhile for nerves

Getting connected

Your nerves can be divided into three types - sensory neurons, motor nerves and association nerves. The first pass information about stimuli such as light, heat or chemicals from both inside and outside your body to your nervous system. Motor neurons move instructions from your nervous system to other parts of the body, such as muscles or glands. And last but not least, association neurons, which link your sensory as well as motor neurons. For your physical and mental health, these neurons must be kept in tip top situation. Nutritional supplements and vitamins are a way to grease those nerves, as they say.

Nervous tension

If you are suffering from mental anxiety, it is natural that you should feel some ill effects in your nerves, thus this name for anxiety. Nutritional supplements that can benefit in the case of anxiety and improve your health include vitamins and teas made of natural herbal components.

Vitamin links

The mineral magnesium, Vitamin B3 and even a great multivitamin have all been proven to work against anxiety. However, if your anxiousness is linked with tension or depression it is best to consult a herbalist, rather than just take some camomile tea. Such treatments have calming effects on your health, but might not kickstart your health in the same way as St. John's Wort or another anti-depression nutritional supplements.

Restless thighs?

Take a look at a physical anxious condition and see the similarities in supplement support. Restless leg syndrome is a classic nervous condition, that nutritional supplements do miracles for. We aren't sure of the cause, but it may be a nerve irritation or even linked to local circulation problems in the thighs. Either way, the general advice is to eat earlier in the evening, don't drink alcohol in the evening and don't smoke at all. You should consider taking iron supplements and magnesium if you suffer from this type of anxious condition. Again, magnesium is an important stabilizer in nervous conditions both of the mind and body.

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