Thursday, April 28, 2011


You've heard it from your fitness expert, you've heard it from your mother, and every summer during a warmth wave, you probably noticed it repeatedly from various media shops: you need to drink much more water. As much fun as it is to debunk myths, this particular maxim is all too true.

Your body consists of over 70% water, also it constantly needs to refill its supply. "But," you say to yourself, "I drink enough water to keep from getting too thirsty. Isn't that enough?" Not necessarily. If you are seriously interested in your fitness goals, you should be conscious of how much drinking water you drink for a number of reasons.

For those seeking to lose fat, proper intake of water can actually help you metabolize body fat better. If you are persistantly dehydrated, you body will actually work to keep fat into to draw on its moisture. When there's plenty of water to go around within your body, your fats cells are more likely to be burned off, because your body doesn't have any more make use of for them.

This might seem counter-intuitive, but not drinking enough water can actually result in water retention. When you body senses that too drinking water is coming in, it really works to store and preserve every last millimeter that it can. When your body gets in this state drinking some water instantly saved as much as possible in your body. To break your system of the, you should down as much water as possible, leading to your body to leave all excess drinking water.

Dehydration is also a main culprit in causing your internal organs not to work at they maximum level. The kidneys and liver particularly need a great deal of water to function properly. Burning off fat is one of the liver's main jobs, and if the kidneys aren't doing what they are supposed to do, the liver needs to do some of their work with them. So when either of these organs aren't properly performing, it makes is significantly more hard to lose fat.

When you stay hydrated, it's important that you actually drink water, not just any fluid. Coffee is a diuretic, meaning it actually steals water from the entire body, and soft drinks should be avoided whenever possible.

The high sugar content of most soft drinks means the body has to work extra hard to process it, which might actually consider water out of your entire body. In fact, you actually need to down a few glasses of water to replace the actual fluid lost from drinking a single may of soda. Sodas can even interfere with your digestive system, making digestive function more difficult and less effective.

So exactly how much drinking water should you drink? Generally, men should eat about three liters a day and women should consumer 2.2 liters a day. Upon days you exercise, you need to drink a couple of mugs more than this. If you happen to live in a particularly warm part of the country (such as Southern California) or even are fighting a chilly, you should up your intake even more.

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