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Health Matters -- Captain Mercury

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In the dark reaching shadows of mercury poisoning, it can be tough to keep your chin up. While I had been going through the period whenever my wife and I were trying to puzzle out what I had -- after nearly a dozen Doctors had brought little to no help and actually mostly discouragement without any diagnosis - we finally discoved a Doctor which knew what I experienced and precisely what to complete about it.

We were thrilled with the fact that my personal acute condition had been brought under control and we had a long-term prognosis that was positive. Considering how extremely sick I was, we weren't under any kind of illusions that it would be a fast process. My believed was that it required years to get therefore ill and it might take me years to get well once again.

So in our enthusiasm, we shared with the close friends the diagnosis. From that time on, my buddy known as me Captain Mercury.

So Captain Mercury to the rescue. If my personal story will help you, I'm thrilled. That is a perfect motivator for me. It was so tough for me to evaluate which I had. In fact, I acquired so ill that I could no longer correctly process what the cause might be. Without my wife's patient help, without the support of God, I absolutely would not happen to be able to last through those dark times and darker evenings.

For forty days, I was not able to successfully digest so much as a cracker. That was following many days and more weeks of very poor digestive function. My physiology could have been viewed as a really bad teach wreck. I was stored alive by Refresh and fresh vegetable juices. Recharge is a sort off 'healthy' alternative to sports' beverages. One of the reasons for consuming this type of drink ended up being to replace the electrolytes I had been losing via my dysfunctional intestinal tract.

What did I have? Chronic Mercury Poisoning from the Gut. From most Doctors' perspectives, I had an outrageous situation of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Because of the effects of the actual severe IBS attacks, I required Four to six liters of IV (4) fluid probably twelve times. A couple times, they were administered within foreign countries that may not be known for the standard of care we enjoy in America.

I was worked a daily dose of dasterdly discouragement. But it did not keep me lower. Whereas in 2005 I didn't know if I was likely to live or die from one day to another, now I just maintain Oregano Tea and Grilling with charcoal in my bag as well as life is much more regular. Whereas a digestive setback would cost me days to get back on track, now it takes only days. I still have a couple years to go at my present rate of therapy, but things are looking very bright right now. I can do things today that I couldn't imagine doing a couple years ago. The only thing I could dream of doing in those days involved basic survival and staying positive.

To conclude, given things i have gone through and that I effectively played ding dong ditch on death's door, In my opinion you can make it via whatever you may be facing. You need to set out to discover the cause of your problem. You may need a champion to fight for you. You certainly require loved ones praying for you. God can help you. I am firmly convinced of this great truth.

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