Friday, May 6, 2011

How To Save $35 Billion While Losing Weight

Yes, that's how much all of us spend every year about the endless list of weight loss products - which may be fine -- IF any of them really worked! The fact is which obesity has kept on obtaining worse each and every solitary year. So before you spend your reveal of the $35 billion, please remember to skip many of these, never going to work, "weight loss" methods:

1. Any Diet plan That Forces You to definitely Skip One Type of Food:

Eating one type of food does not make you lose weight. It actually has the reverse effect. You end up craving other foods more and eating more than you need to. It is best to add as much variety as you can.

Two. Or For That Matter ANY Diet Whatsoever:

Even with a diet that offers a large number of options, what happens when you go back to your daily routine? Exactly!

Three. "Herbal" Weight Loss Products:

"Herbal" weight reduction products are not safe. Most of the ingredients used in natural weight loss products happen to be banned in various countries. For example the U.S. Federal Drug Administration no longer allows the use of Ephedra because of its link to fatalities. Our suggestion is you should not risk your health nor should you waste your money on these types of.

4. Gadgets Which Focus On Just One The main Body:

You can't lose weight off just One part of your body. It either happens on your body or it does not happen.

A large number of these inventions promise to improve just one area in your body. Abs and hips seem to be two faves of the late night infomercials that feature these "amazing new inventions". In some cases you don't even have to exercise, they "massage" and "steam" the fat from your body!

Here's the advice: If a device promises perfect ab muscles in 14 days: Stay far, far away.

Five. Any "Expert" That Lets you know To Exercise Inside a Certain Way:

There is a lot of advice out there on how long you must exercise or at exactly what level of intensity. Skip the pseudo-science.

What you need to do is find an exercise that is fun to do and that you know you'll stick to rather than getting bored. (Don't think that's possible? We have 2 words for you: Salsa Dancing, what about 2 more: Discover Boxing.)

6. Any kind of "Expert" That Preaches A Jump To A Balanced Diet:

Yes this one's likely to be controversial but here's the bottom line: If your current daily diet consists of a large amount of burgers and pizza, it will be nearly impossible to adapt the food pyramid in a week. Gradual changes that don't seem like a burden is the key. For example if you consume half a large pizza everyday, the next step is switching to 3 pieces.

7. Celebrity Endorsements:

Simply because a celebrity endorses an eating plan doesn't make it poor - it just does not make it good either!

There! We just preserved everyone $35 Billion! Of course, this begs the actual question: How DO you start losing weight?

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