Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three success secrets of attaining your heart's wishes

The one thing that is required to accomplish something worthwhile in life is FOCUS -- the ability to hold the creativity of your desire, towards all odds, putting forth every effort in the direction of its attainment. Such an activity embodies three powerful keys associated with attainment as follows.

1.Burning Desire-wanting something so much, that everything you do works towards that objective. Having a continuing, burning up desire to achieve your ultimate goal is the most important factor. To notice that desire as burning up or not, you must know the difference between a wish and a desire. "Wishing" is something you do when you would like to have something or achieve something but just don't appear to make time to get it done. Or something that you make an effort to achieve, but burn up quickly is a clue. As soon as the whim goes by, you don't think of it anymore. A "desire" is something it does not matter how much time passes, you continue to consider it. You go through the way of thinking of making plans. If it's "true desire", you will have a hunger to visit the ends of the earth to make it happen. "Intense" desire is the first requirement for attaining anything worthwhile. The individual with intense desire for his goals spends enormous amounts of time planning how he can achieve it. He then works with the same fevered, dedicated attitude to get it done. His persistence and perseverance repay, with his dream coming to life.

2. Keeping your eye on the prize-Focus, is perpetual imagination of the goal you are trying to attain. Maintaining focus on what you are trying to achieve, is performed by talking to your self. Affirmations are all of us, telling ourselves something positive, to boost our moral and maintain our mind on the right track.It isn't necessary to do that all day. The following mixture of exercises will create exactly the same effect as physical exercise. Repeated over and over, you will get strength and stamina for the long haul.

a) Performing affirmations before you start your day and again when you are ending your day is definitely an easy routine that creates great results. If you have problems throughout the day that put you on a negative level, do more affirmations. Issues that come up can be put to rest quickly if you use this method to keep your attitude in check. Using this tool throughout critical periods of doubt can help get you through. Each time you need to do affirmations, you re-focus your mind to boost your moral and keep you going positively.

b) Remembering the whole day that what you believe, think and feel produces your reality. Remember that you are using common principles in the existence success formula(referred to in success knowledge ebook) that will Usually work if you follow-through.

c) Making sure that you are sending the right vibrations to attract the experience you desire. The best measurement of whether you are sending out the correct signals is to Keep track of YOUR EMOTIONS. If you're not feeling good, then you need to change your thoughts, since the emotions that are becoming felt indicate your thoughts are sending the incorrect message. Replace the negative emotion having a positive one using the Astral Color Alchemy Process (because described in success-wisdom ebook). You can also do this through thinking of your objectives, repeating your affirmations, or remembering a pleasant memory from the previous that made you are feeling really good, or simply imagining event that makes you feel good or thinking about anything you feel thankful for. Then you are back again on track again. Besides monitoring your mental poison, you should consciously produce positive feelings and emotions of accomplishment of your desire

3. Drive is the power to continue to move forward from wishing to reaching the object of your desire. The power of the subconscious produces power to sustain your drive to do whatever needs doing, to have what you want. That new car, better relationship, money or even anything else doesn't occur without action. Wishing for something doesn't make it happen. After you wish for it, you need a strategy. Following through with the plan, working for the finish line is the ultimate key to success.

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