Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why's Anadrol - A50 So Popular?

Anadrol or even A50 is one of the most popular drugs available today. The drug is popular because of a couple of factors; first the drug is a powerful anabolic steroid; second, it is an oral steroid; third, it is approved with regard to human use by the U.S. FDA; fourth and most importantly, the drug is a powerful treatment for anemia.

Chemically, Oxymetholone is the chief ingredient of Anadrol. The drug was initially produced to treat anemia, but several researches on the drug revealed that it can help to gain additional bulk of body mass, and thus the medication - Anadrol, the steroid ointment, became the daily meal of athletes as well as bodybuilders.

Anadrol or A50 is a pretty cheaper anabolic steroid. To increase its reputation, Serta Duchaine, in his underground steroid handbook, said that Anadrol would be a cheaper alternative to Dianabol. This is the thing that makes Anadrol the favourite tablet of all times.

Anadrol or A50 is a DHT derivative compound and therefore has very unique features. In fact, it's the only DHT derivative which is used to bulk up the body. When you compare it with the other DHT based steroids, such as Winstrol, Ananvar, Primobolan, and Proviron, Anadrol gives out very odd results, because those all medicine is used for cutting series.

In the medical field, Anadrol continues to be declared as a useful medicine for treating chronic wasting diseases, such as AIDS. It has been realized that the drug includes a great affinity to place weight on customers. Most power lifters use this drug for the similar purpose. However, there are some fallouts associated with the use of drug.

Side effects of this drug which are reported are known to be manageable but still you should have the proper knowledge about it. Some of its fallouts of the drug include Increased blood pressure, headaches, lower back cramps, raised liver enzymes and gyno. The drug obviously, has a major advantage that it doesn't convert into estrogen and stop further reactions, but it's always better to consult a doctor before using Anadrol. Anadrol steroid profiles also do provide excellent information on the drug.

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